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First Inning
Pierre, Lauren and Ian (not shown) score off of a Jason 3 RBI triple.
Jason stands on third after hitting a 3-RBI triple.
The team returns to the field.

Fifth Inning
John eyes the next pitch...
... who would then hit a double.
Pierre and Lauren warm-up in the on-deck circle.
Adam and future hubby, along with Crystal look on from the dug-out.
Video of Kenny hitting a foul ball.
Video of Kenny hitting a sac fly as John and Jonathan advance.
Jonathan cautiously crosses home plate as the Guzzlers' pitcher fields a bad throw.
Ian stands on second after batting in Jonthan.
Pierre attempt to cross home plate for the ITP HR. He would get tagged out trying to get around the fielder blocking home plate.

Seventh Inning
Jonathan making his pitching debut.
John advanaced to third on a shallow fair ball down the right field line...
... and then catches the Guzzlers fielders napping for the ITP HR.
Kenny stands-up from a cloud of smoke after hitting a a double.

Copy of score book.
Copy of the Guzzlers score book.

All photos. (Right click to download all photos in high quality to disk.)